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International shipping

International shipping

Fengda logistics relying on Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, the world's three well-known ports, with more than a dozen international shipping companies to maintain business, with a number of shipping companies to maintain contract tariff agreement. My company and a number of shipowners to carry out e-commerce cooperation in the online electronic booking, cargo tracking, from the scheduling, booking, confirmation, pre-allocation, bill of lading and other aspects of the system can be achieved online. Through advanced e-commerce technology and a wide range of agreement tariffs, peak logistics can provide customers with a variety of shipowners choice and flexibility of the time schedule.
1. Container transport (FCL): the use of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, three major international port liner-intensive advantages, with inland trailers, trailers and barge feeder services, no matter how tight the requirements of the ship, peak logistics can be for customers Such as WANHAI, CHINA SHIPPING, CMA, NORASIA, P & O, KMTC, MAERSK, COSCO, PIL, MSC, etc., and other shipping companies, such as Chihai, Yantian, Whampoa, Hong Kong; different shipping companies such as WANHAI, CHINA SHIPPING ; Different cut-off period, from Monday to Sunday.
(LCL): peak logistics and a number of large logistics companies to provide Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou to the world's major ports, inland points of the bulk Pinxiang services. According to the needs of customers and the difficulty of customs clearance of goods, combined with Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, the three customs of the specific operational differences, flexible arrangements for Pinxiang cargo transport and customs clearance to ensure that the goods at the lowest cost safe delivery destination.
3. Shipping imports: peak logistics can be through its relatively well-established foreign agent network for domestic importers to provide import shipping services. According to customer requirements, in the port of shipment arrangements for container transport, in the domestic destination to provide Zhengxiang delivery, devanning distribution, customs 报检, land and air transport and other services.
4. Bulk cargo transport: peak logistics and a number of shipowners at home and abroad, the agency charter, to provide China to the rest of the world bulk cargo ocean shipping.
5. Acting maritime supporting services: peak logistics for customers to provide trailers, commodity inspection, customs through-train service.

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